Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A note from the cats

Why is this blog always about dogs? We live here too and we do a lot more than sit around in boxes and take naps.

Sometimes we sit in bags,

 or baskets,

or sprawl out on the stairs to see who we might trip.

We chase moths that sneak in to the house when the dog goes out and flies that zoom from room to room and bounce off windows. We’ll even take a swipe at a toy if it happens to roll by within reach.

We plan escapes,

and stalk birds and deer and rabbits from the safety of the house.

We keep constant tabs on water and food dishes, what the dog is doing and the levels of sunshine available throughout the house.

Clearly this blog should be called Two Amazingly Ingenious Cats Live Here, The Chronicles of Chestnut and Cleo (This is not about dogs).

And until something changes, we are going to do nothing but just sit here in this box.


  1. Loved these expressive photos of your feline housemates! Their complex personalities and various moods just spring right out of these pics. Humourous, meditative, curious, lazing, plotting, vain, condescending. Yes, I see them here.
    My favourite one is "We plan escapes." They're so nicely squeezed into the imprisoning frame, eyes focussed on the "outside" world. Ha!
    In your photo blog, I wish that you would try some other animal shots: humans. Photographically, you really dig into the characters of the animals in your life. The required artistic skills should transfer from cat/dog to human???? It's merely a species change. Right? Take a few shots of that human Morgan.

    1. Merely a species change? Perhaps. But I absolutley LOVE taking pictures of animals and the natural world.. Humans? Not so much.

      Glad you enjoyed these pictures of the cats :)

  2. LOL!! I love it! Isn't that the truth...
    Dogs get all the attention, cats are sort of like the Rodney Dangerfield of the blogging world (of course, one has to be of a certain age to get that reference..:) Really cute pics and cat-commentary!

    1. I do get that reference, and it's spot on ;)