Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cleo gets a book!

Read her story by downloading the eBook from Amazon for free until October 23!


  1. Hi Heather,
    This is Morgan's friend Diane (although it shows as my husband's gmail account). I just finished reading The Comeback Cat, and I really enjoyed it! I love your writing style, and I love your observations about your pets, and especially of your cats. You really 'get' cats and I think I do too.
    Many things that you wrote about regarding the personality of Cleo reminds me of my cat Skiddles.
    I appreciate the fact that you shared your experience with Cleo's diabetes and what was considered a healthy diet, and what in actual fact helped to cure Cleo.
    I see a bit of a parallel with Skiddles in some ways, and had asked Morgan about feline diabetes in the past.
    Skiddles started with having a hard time jumping on furniture over the last year, and I wondered if it was just age (14 years old) and maybe arthritis that was slowing him down.
    He recently had a intestinal blockage which resulted in him being on a wet diet for about 2 months and as he started to feel better, he had no problems jumping on furniture and indeed was much more playful. Sort of sounds like Cleo as she began recovering.
    Skiddles is back on the dry food for about 3 or 4 months now and he's starting to have a hard time jumping on the furniture again. I'm ditching the dry food and will feed him only wet, as I will try this little experiment to see what happens.
    Thank you for writing a very enjoyable book, and one that may help others have healthier cats.
    Please come to visit when you come through the Sault.

    1. Hi Diane! Thanks so much for your comment and sharing a bit of your story here. It sounds like a really good idea to experiment with a wet food only diet for Skiddles if you saw an improvement in the past. It was so amazing to watch Cleo react so quickly and positively to her new diet. I am so glad it worked out the way it did for her, and it is nice to hear that others are getting something out of her story.
      Cleo continues to do really well. She just spent the last hour marching around the house demanding attention. It is great to see her happy and wanting to interact and play. Every time she does that I feel grateful for the information I found when she was ill and how healthy she looks now.
      I am glad you enjoyed reading her story!
      Good luck with Skiddles :)